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Electric Vehicle Add-ons


Provide your electric vehicle some jewelry-jewelry, and transform it into a real haven. Sure, there's several add-ons for the vehicle-anything that you would like-from the simple floor pad of the taste to some more complicated Gps navigation unit.

Listed here are a couple of vehicle add-ons you can buy:

Trillium Cozy Cushion Heated Vehicle Chair Massager

Here comes the response to everyone's desiring comfort while on the highway alongside an electric vehicle. Trillium Cozy Cushion Heated Vehicle Chair Massager, the title states everything! The cushion utilizes a soothing massage radiating warmth and comfy foam to supply you comfort which help you alleviate stress while driving. For optimum comfort, you are able to control the amount of warmth and vibration for massage having a hands-held controller. The cushion can be simply shackled by a chair inside your electric vehicle.

Trillium AutoVent Photo voltaic Powered Ventilator

If you've been worrying about warmth circulated while your electric vehicle is on park, you may as well purchase a Trillium AutoVent Photo voltaic Powered Ventilator. The photo voltaic-powered fan cools your electric vehicle during park. It does not only vent hot rancid air but additionally cigarette and pet smells, because it helps circulate the environment inside your vehicle every twenty minutes. Since it takes the sun's energy, you would not need to consider re-charging.

Sheepskin Seatbelt Cover (Pair)

Should you wanted an extremely personal appearance of your seatbelt, you can aquire a Sheepskin Seatbelt Cover. It consists of genuine sheepskins from New zealand and australia. It uses nature's thermostat, which causes it to be awesome within the warmth and warm within the cold. Unlike every other material, sheepskin is real tough, lasting for quite some time. Plus, the product is available in several colors-sure, you'll find one which fits your taste which matches your electric vehicle.

Level 2 240-Volt ECOtality Home Charger

Many electric vehicle proprietors are getting an issue about where you can charge their vehicle. It is because not every metropolitan areas have public installed vehicle hookup stations. Now, that's been solved. ECOtality Director of Stakeholder Services Steve Schey stated that they'll complete a set up of the home electric vehicle charger, because of the owner includes a request permit. This wall-mounted charger could be installed within your garage. Full charge could be accomplished within 4 to 6 hrs of charging.